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Modern Architecture

Our Work

We take pride in the work we provide. Its the caliber to which we perform and are inspired by, each and every day! Design and Quality Craftmanship - 100% everyday!


 Take a look at our recent Project Play Book. 

IMG_1503 (1).jpg


Corey Household 

A simple furnace replacement. 

Take a look at that craftmanship and cleanliness. 


Grossman Household 

A multi-zoned ductless Mini-Split system. 

The benefit of Mitsubishi - Zoning capabilities, Top of the Line Product & Energy Efficient! 

Grossman Post Install  (2).jpg
Church Furnace - New Install 02.07.23  (1).jpg


Church of Christ 

Multiple Furnace Replacements performed at once! - New Flues, New Furnaces, New Comfort! 


Crouse Household 

Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassetes for those who wish to be mindful of wall space! 

Check out the Cassettes, here:

Living Rm Cassette (Crouse_11.11_edited.jpg
MtnWasteRifle-FurnaceInstall 02.17.23  (1).jpg


Mountain Waste Recycling 

Our friends at Mountain Waste needed some assistance. An initial service call through to replacement with new filter box and better air filtration! 

Patriot will never charge for services performed and provided when we find a replacement is needed within the same call or post recent repairs.  - Current costs are voided/subtracted from any bid estimate accepted! Because, Honesty and Integrity are our top qualities! 



Clean Aesthetic

We like to go above and beyond when it comes to our installations, with CLEAN aesthetic & QUALITY install/products. From custom condenser stands, to matching the exterior lines to your home and 'style'.


You'll have top of the line product while enjoying comfort in style. - - - Add value to your home today with a High Efficiency Mini Split System!

Keep an eye out for more installation references to come!

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